We don’t have psychotheses. We don’t have trial assignments or tests. We don’t have nine circles of hell, sorry, the hiring process.

Sign up for job at centering@f-o.hr, meet us, we meet You, and within few days we will let you know if that’s it and we’ll make you an offer. Simple, short and transparent.

But let’s go back to the beginning.

We are looking for a marketing person (m/f/n) with experience. The emphasis (although not the only task) in your future work will be events, so it is a plus if you have experience in organizing larger or smaller events.

What we expect from future colleagues:

  • 3+ years of work experience
  • English proficiency sufficient to read professional literature and correspondence with foreign clients
  • meticulousness in work (!), engagement/proactivity (!!!), effort (!!!!!)
  • high literacy (valid for Croatian)

Our office DNA

We’re Marko, Ivana, Klara, Martina, Monika, Marin, Davor, Denis… in a word: Centering. Market Communication Agency. We are working on projects from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia to Macedonia, and our clients are Tepihcentar, Cammeo Taxi, Westgate Shopping City, Babycenter, Kãrcher, Bayer AG, ATP tournament Zagreb, 4F, Trade and Logistics Association…

We strive for a pleasant office atmosphere, sometimes it even seems to us that we are a slightly larger family. It works very much and in the daytime there is not much space for walking, so hardworkers – a step forward. We want the whole team, regardless of specialization and the field it deals with, to learn about all aspects of market communication.

Lets Suppose Centering is ‘fit’ for you,

And who’s ‘fit’ for Centering?

Marko, Ivana, Klara, Martina, Monika, Marin, Davor, Denis…  they all make Centering with their knowledge, work and experience. Although we are all characterfully different in Centering (so we also agree on lunch by voting), we have some similarities: we respect each other. When we work, we keep an eye on every detail. Details make the difference between average and outstanding. No materr if we work on a large or small project, for a large or small client – we bite. . And we try to always give more – that extra mile. And we are very curious, we are all interested and want to know as much as possible about everything.

The key to any relationship is honesty and transparency. So those are our core values, too. If you don’t know something, don’t tell us (or write it in a CV) that you know it. That kind of thing isn’t cool. It’s important that we as your team know your weaknesses: to help you fix them and to cover for you when you need to.

So if you think you’re ‘fit’ for Centering – and more importantly – if you think Centering is ‘fit’ for You, carefully assemble your CV and send it to centering@f-o.hr. Your answer will come within 24 hours.