F.O. Centering awarded among the best comms projects

Croatian Association for Public Relations gave traditional Grand PRix awards to the best communication projects in Croatia in 2020.

Among different categories such as Public administration, NGOs, Crisis Communication, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large enterprises… we were awarded as the authors of the 3rd best communication project in SME category.

In 2020 we developed WestgateTV, a native content project for our client Westgate Shopping City. WestgateTV is a monthly-basis lifestyle TV show on YouTube that has more than 150.000 views per episode! Coverages not in a way of direct advertisement but mostly giving advices and added value to viewers; themes such as “5 ideas of Christmas shopping”, “How to upbring a child”, “Home decor trends”…

This is the first native content project in video form produced by F.O. Centering. We are authors and producers of episodes, responsible for all the aspects of production – from editorial work and script writing to the coordination of editing.

Westgate TV continued in 2021, and in 2022 we will introduce a new, more interactive format.